About Me

Assalamualaikum and Hi. The given name is Muhammad Hanis Irfan Bin Mohd Zaid. Born on 20 July 2002 in Taiping, Perak and currently in a family of 9 members.

Starting to learn about computers when I was 13. Although I have no knowledge about it at all except how to use Microsoft Word etc at that time but time by time I build my skill and knowledge.

When I was 16, I join a vocational college named Kolej Vokasional Gerik ( Gerik Vocational Gerik) in hope to gain more about computers. The course that I take is Computer System and Networking which actually suit what I want. From here, I started to know more and more starting from hardware, software and Cisco networking.

Now what I want is just to graduate for my Sijil Vokasional Malaysia which is expected to be next year (2020) and I will futher my study for Diploma Vokasional Malaysia.


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About This Site

This is just a simple website that I use to post literally anything I want. One might be updates about me, photos and dakwah posts.

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